7 Gorgeous Wedding Invitations For 2022

Is your wedding coming up? You must be busy with many things, as everything must look perfect for your big day. One of the things you have to get ready are the wedding invitations. And to ensure what you get meets your standards, here are the top 8 wedding invitations to consider:

1. Custom Wedding Invitations

Also coming in Gold Embossed foil, and Silver Embossed Foil, these wedding invitations allow you to customize your message for perfect communication with your guests. You can have them rounded, scalloped, and standard.

2. 4.6" x 7.2" Flat Wedding Invitations

Coming with a little touch of nature, this invitation brings a fresh feel to your message. It’s so simple and classy, making it the best way to send an invite.

3. Wedding Invitations Custom

This beautifully colored wedding invitation is big enough to accommodate your simple but important message to your wedding guests. Plus, it allows you to give the invitations a personal touch!

4. Floral Custom Wedding Invitation

If there is any way to give your loved one flowers on your big day, it’s through this invitation. It’s gorgeous, yet simple, they will love it!

5. Nature-themed Wedding Invitations

Green is beautiful. It’s the easiest way to remember how beautiful nature is, especially when surrounded by your loved ones. These wedding invitations will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

6. Fruit-themed Wedding Invitation

Sharing a fruit with your wedding guests is the best way to share your love-literally. This card will best convey your warm feelings towards them, giving them a glimpse of the good vibes your big day will bring.

7. Simple-Colored Custom Wedding Invitations

When words fail you and you want to use your wedding invitations to convey your true feelings, you don’t need a big card, only a simple colored invitation to represent you well. This invitation is just it, and much more!