Advantages Of 2022 Health And Purpose

In 2022, a new program was issued by the government called 2022 Health and Purpose. So now that you have seen what it entails, here are some of the advantages that this particular program offers to its participants.

1. Increased Happiness

The legalization of marijuana has been found to contribute to the overall happiness of society. Numerous studies have shown that not just people with depression can benefit from smoking weed, but anyone in general. And once marijuana becomes legal, more people will be willing to take up smoking due to increased government regulation and increased public education on marijuana’s benefits.

2. Increased Efficiency at Work

Legalizing marijuana may lead to increased efficiency in productivity at work since users tend to become less sluggish than usual. Driving while under the influence of marijuana showed that drivers were slower and less likely to take risks than usual, thus resulting in improved driving skills and reduced risk of accidents.

3. Reduction in Crime Rates

The increase in crime rates can be tied to poverty and drug use among youth. However, homelessness has been drastically reduced when weed is legalized (due to increased access to housing opportunities). By legalizing marijuana (and by extension, reducing the poverty rate), we will also reduce the number of people who would resort to criminal activities such as stealing for money, reducing the crime rate further.

5. Increases Revenue

The taxes on marijuana in Colorado have already brought the state a whopping $50 million in a five-month revenue from January to May 2015. This number is expected to rise as more dispensaries open up shop before the end of the year.

6. Prevents Drug Addiction

Drug addiction has been known to plague our society since time immemorial – there’s not much that can be said about it other than that it’s very bad for everyone involved. In addition, frequent drug use among children has been linked to lower academic performance and reduced opportunities for success later in life. By legalizing weed, we will be preventing youths from going down a dangerous path that leads them towards a life of crime.

In conclusion, it may be prudent to legalize marijuana to increase happiness efficiency at work, reduce crime rates, save money on criminal justice expenses, and save our youth from drug addiction.