DIY Magazine Rack

A large number of people still read magazines regularly, since they have high quality interesting content. However, many people find it difficult to retrieve the magazine they want easily if the magazines are stacked on top of each other. To overcome this problem, many people are interested in procuring a magazine rack, where they can easily locate the magazine they want to read. Since a majority of furniture stores do not stock magazine racks due to the limited demand, many people would like to get information about Do it Yourself or DIY magazine racks, how they can make a rack themselves.

There are some companies offering magazine rack kits, which the buyer can assemble at home. Along with the rack kit, detailed instructions are provided for assembling the components to make a magazine rack. The limitation of the kit is that the buyer cannot choose the material, dimensions of the magazine rack. He has to choose the best kit available based on his budget, space available and number of magazines which will be stored. If the rack is likely to be placed outdoors, it is better to use plastic or other material which is waterproof.

Individuals who want a customized rack,can search for rack designs online or design their rack themselves after finalizing the number of magazines they will store on the rack. Individuals who have some experience in DIY furniture projects will find it easier to design a magazine rack. Typically a magazine rack is manufactured using strips of wood which are joined together. The wooden strips are also used to form wooden pockets in which the magazines can be kept. These wooden pockets are then nailed to the main wooden rack at intervals to increase the number of magazines which can be stored in the rack. Though adhesives can also be used to join the wooden pieces together, nails are recommended for greater durability.