Gorgeous Fall Fireplace Decorating Ideas

Fall is a time for celebrating the harvest and all things cozy. When the leaves start to change colors and fall from the trees, it’s time to seal up the house, light a fire in the fireplace, and enjoy this beautiful season. With these gorgeous fall fireplace decorating ideas, you can create that warm and cozy Fall atmosphere at home.


If you have a fireplace that needs some sprucing up, try using mismatched logs. You can layer different types of wood to create a colorful and textured effect for your Fall mantel decor.


There are a lot of garlands available to buy and a lot of ways to make your own. To get you started here’s an easy way to do it with jars and twine: cut lengths of twine for the jar size you want. Fill the jar with dried leaves or flowers and then tie in the twine to look like a bouquet. Tie the twine at the top, letting it fall into the jar without cutting it off. Trim any excess if needed. Repeat this process until all jars are filled and ready for display.


Everyone’s favorite way to spruce up their fireplace is with a bouquet and a few candles. Pair your flowers with some shorter pillar candles to place on the mantel. Add votive holders filled with pillar candles and put them at various heights around the fireplace for an even more luxurious look.


This centerpiece is super easy to make. Place a small pumpkin on the mantle and surround it with a few cranberries, fall leaves, and orange slices. You can also put a candle in the middle or top of the pumpkin for extra ambiance.


Dry fruits and nuts are inexpensive, so they’re an ideal decoration for your fireplace mantel. Use a long piece of ribbon to tie together the entire garland so that it hangs in one neat loop. You can hang it on the fireplace mantel or use it as a background to your mantle.