How To Make A Kitchen Old French Door Mirror

A mirror can be a great addition to your kitchen and make it feel more spacious. Mirrors don’t have to be expensive, and you can use things like an old french door or the side of a wardrobe for the back of your custom-made mirror. It’s easy to do yourself, and here are some steps for making a kitchen old french door mirror.


-A french door, mirror, or wardrobe door

-A saw



-Tape measure and pencil

-Measuring tape

-Cordless drill with a drill bit


1. Clean your door. You don’t want any dirt or debris on the door’s surface.

2. Choose your mirror and make sure it’s as big as you need it to be. You might also consider painting your gate if it’s not a dark color so that you can see inside when the mirror is on the other side of the room (the back).

3. Decide how many panels you want on your door – generally, two panels work well to fill up the space without looking too busy.

4. Cut enough 1x2s to go across the width of your door, considering how high you would like them and what will fit in between each panel.

5. Paint or stain all pieces before assembling and make sure to let them dry completely before moving on to the next step.

6. Begin attaching with screws or nails to attach each piece with spacers in between each one for added stability and even spacing between your panels, making sure there are at least four nails per panel for rigidity (no less than 2 inches apart).


The first step is to paint your old french door or wardrobe light color. You can use any paint, but it has to be semi-gloss so that the glass reflects nicely. Next, you want to stain the wood with a dark color like cherry. The stain will give the project more character and make it feel more rustic.


The first step is to get the old french door mirror. You’ll want to measure the length and width of the mirror frame. Then cut out those two measurements using a saw.


Find two strong, flat wood boards to use for your mirror frame. Use a power drill to make holes in the board that will be your backside of the mirror. Take the mirror and place it at the top of your frame. Line up the holes with those on the frame. Use some screws or nails to fix it in place.